KG incredulous about zero rebounds

David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Garnett didn't register a single rebound in Saturday's win over the 76ers.BOSTON -- Held without a rebound for only the fourth time in his career, Boston Celtics center Kevin Garnett was playfully incredulous about his inability to grab a single board during a 92-79 triumph over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday night at TD Garden.

Garnett played an economical 23 minutes, chipping in a team-high 19 points on 9-of-11 shooting. But he was shut out on the glass for the first time since Jan. 21, 1997 -- when he was a mere 20 years old.

"You know what, I’m looking for the statistician around here. And when I find out what he looks like, we might have some problems," joked Garnett. "I had a rebound in the first quarter. That’s bull----, man. No, that’s f---ing bull----. That’s all I’m going to say. I had a rebound in the first half, thank you. I think that’s an error, we’re going to fix that."

Informed it wasn't the first time it's happened in his career, Garnett demanded to know the last offense.

"What was it, '98 or something? [It was] '97? Blow the dust off that," said Garnett. "Are you serious? That’s an error. I got a rebound, they are going to go back and fix that."

Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn't mind tweaking his 36-year-old about the rebounding shutout.

"He had one -- a tip-in for [the 76ers]," quipped Rivers, referencing a bucket that Garnett inadvertently tipped in for Philadelphia in the second half. "That’s what I told him after the game. He didn’t know [about having no rebounds], it was amazing. He was shocked he didn’t have a rebound."

After his postgame Q&A, Garnett ducked into a cooler to grab a beverage and, as reporters filed out in front of him, he playfully shouted again, "I got a rebound!"

For video of Garnett's hilarious postgame rant, hop HERE. Just be aware of the foul language.