Who's drawing the whistles

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Keith Bogans with a hard foul on Leandro Barbosa.Earlier we spotlighted the Celtics players that were drawing the most and-1s on the team this season. Wondering which Boston players are drawing the most shooting fouls overall? Here's a glimpse at the team leaders in shooting foul percentage, as logged by Synergy Sports (league rank in parentheses, minimum of 75 plays):

Paul Pierce - 13 percent (48)

Chris Wilcox - 12.8 (52)

Jared Sullinger - 10.4 (101)

Jeff Green - 10.2 (107)

Brandon Bass - 9.5 (125)

Kevin Garnett - 9.4 (128)

Leandro Barbosa - 7.6 (185)

Jason Terry - 6.0 (223)

Rajon Rondo - 5.7 (228)

Courtney Lee - 4.4 (256)

The Celtics rank fourth in the league in free throw percentage (79.3), but only 17th in terms of free throws attempted per game (22.1). After Saturday's loss in San Antonio, Celtics coach Doc Rivers lamented his team's inability to get to the charity stripe, noting how free throws not only provide easy points, but allow a team to get back on defense and get set after makes.

Not surprisingly, Bostons numbers are weighted towards the frontcourt. Bigs are more likely to draw whistles working around the basket, but Pierce and Green show how being aggressive going at the basket can lead to free throw opportunities.