Podcast: Jordan on 'Mike and Mike'

DeAndre Jordan, potentially the centerpiece of a return package from the Los Angeles Clippers if the Boston Celtics send Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett westward, appeared on ESPN radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" and addressed those rumors on Thursday.

"Either way, I'll still be doing the thing I love and that's playing basketball," said Jordan, who noted that he's "a Clipper until someone tells me otherwise."

Jordan downplayed the whispers that current teammate Chris Paul is a driving force behind the Clippers' decision to reengage the Celtics on the deal that would send him out of town. Jordan said he wouldn't have any hard feelings towards the Clippers if he was traded away, suggesting Los Angeles has to do what's best for its future.

"I've been with the Clippers since I was 19. That's all I know," said Jordan. "I love L.A., I love the Clippers, I love my teammates and everything that we stand for. But at the end of the day, it's still a business. I'll still be doing the thing I love and that's playing basketball everyday. No matter what team I'm on, I'll still be having a great time."

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