KG says C's 'going to be fine'

With an internet high-5 to our friends at Red's Army for tracking down the interview and MassLive for transcribing the Boston-related portions, here's a couple highlights after Kevin Garnett talked Celtics during his recent media tour while promoting the ANTA shoe brand in China:

On the state of the Celtics: "I think Boston's going to be fine. That team has always been proven, they always succeed, always push the envelope when it comes to winning, and they have good pieces up there -- Jeff Green, Rajon (Rondo), Brandon Bass, guys up there that's really hard-working guys, that will come in and compete every night, are going to put forth a valid effort. So they're not going to be shabby, not at all."

On whether he spoke to the young guys after leaving Boston: "All of them, Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee, I kind of shouted out to all of them and told them that the move was what it was, and that there wasn't any love lost between me and those guys. It's just business. Those guys will be forever with me. If they ever need me then I'm right there. I called (Jared Sullinger) to make sure he was alright, I heard he went through a little difficulty (so I wanted) to make sure he was okay. I've been calling to make sure Rondo's okay, I've been checking on him because I know he's getting back for the season. But those are just things I do to people that I'm close to. I reach out to Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley every now and then to make sure they're okay."

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