Grantland: C's will trade down in standings

Grantland's Zach Lowe offers 32 bold predictions on the league's teams. His suggestion for Boston: The Celtics will trade away talent in order to ensure it doesn't land in the postseason:

Reality has set in for Boston fans after Gerald Wallace's rant about effort over the weekend and a listless preseason overall. This is what an NBA offense looks like when every player on a team (save Rondo) tops out as "third option on a contender." But Boston will defend, despite a glaring lack of rim protection, and it will scrap its way to enough wins that eighth-seed dreams might seem plausible after 20 games. The Celtics wouldn't mind their young guys getting to experience meaningful late-season games, but the guess here is that the front office would rather have at least one very nice first-round pick in a loaded draft. In other words, look for everyone to be on the table. Bass might be the most tradable guy, since he's a solid player with just one year left on his contract after this season. But bigger names will come up. Jeff Green has fans around the league, and Rondo's contract expires after next season. He has to prove his health again, but I've never gotten the impression Boston would be stoked to pay Rondo a max (or near-max) deal after 2015.

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