5-on-5: Celtics 2013-14 outlook

What's in store for the Boston Celtics? ESPN's panel of five looks back at the offseason moves (and nonmoves) and forward to what lies ahead in the 2013-14 NBA season. Here's one of the questions tackled in the 5-on-5:

Who is the Celtics' most intriguing player?

Forsberg: Kelly Olynyk. Boston shuffled up to No. 13 to grab the Gonzaga big man, then Ainge (somewhat oddly) declared that he envisions Olynyk as merely a complementary player. Early returns show a skilled offensive player who, if he develops defensively, could pair with Jared Sullinger in the frontcourt of the future.

Gutierrez: Rondo, for two reasons. Obviously, we would all like to see how well he comes back from his ACL injury. And if he does return this season, how soon afterward will he be traded? This demolition isn't over until Rondo gets moved, but will Ainge move him if his injury lessens his value?

Han: Avery Bradley. The fourth-year guard came into the league as a tenacious defender but has steadily improved as a ball handler, lowering his turnover percentage every season. If he continues to progress, Boston could consider Bradley to have the better trade value over the obvious piece, Rondo.

Jackson: Green. Green is the quintessential polarizing player. For fans who love athleticism and loud dunks, he's great! For fans who like efficiency and passion, he's terrible! Statistics say he's average. Now that Pierce is gone and Rondo is injured, it's time for Green to make a statement.

Robb: Olynyk. NBA general managers have lauded him as the biggest steal of the 2013 NBA draft in their annual survey. A potent mix of size and shooting have earned him acclaim throughout NBA Summer League, but it remains to be seen if Olynyk can thrive against athletic NBA defenses that might focus on containing him within a lackluster Boston offense.

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