Swaggy Crawford still center of attention

WALTHAM, Mass. -- The day after his double-double effort in a win over the Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics guard Jordan Crawford remained the center of attention at the team's practice.

Crawford, who ducked out of TD Garden while most reporters were still at coach Brad Stevens' postgame press conference on Monday night, held court for four minutes and was as entertaining to listen to as he's been to watch lately.

That included this humorous exchange with a reporter to start his confab with reporters:

Q: You've obviously had success in the past, but this is the best you've played in your career so far I'd say ...

Crawford: (Interjecting) You'd say.

Q: Would you say [it's his best basketball]?

Crawford: No, not really. But you can keep going.

Q: What would you say is the best you've played in your career?

Crawford: What is your question?

Q: What's different about your situation in Boston? What makes this situation good for you?

Crawford: "The fact that I’m getting an opportunity to play. It’s pretty much it."

Crawford had some other gems, like after a reporter asked him about passing up open jump shots to feed teammates near the hoop. An incredulous Crawford replied, "If it’s an easier shot and you’re wide open, it makes sense, don't it?"

Asked if he's been misunderstood in the past, Crawford said, "I don’t really want people to understand me. I let people do their guessing on me and let them think what they want to think. I don’t really care."

Crawford also reflected on a phone call he got from coach Brad Stevens during an offday Sunday, one in which the first-year coach implored him to keep up his solid play while spearheading the offense, particularly with Boston coming off a thrilling win in Miami on Saturday.

"That was a big call, because people could have been high off the win and really excited," said Crawford. "So for him to do that, to make sure we came in prepared was important. He’s communicating well with me, and I’m communicating back. It just makes it easier; I know what he wants from me."

For his part, Stevens continues to sing Crawford's praises.

"One thing about Jordan, he’s authentic," said Stevens. "He is who he is and I’ve said this, and I believe this, he likes basketball. There’s a lot of guys in basketball that don’t necessarily love it the way that he likes it. That’s a good thing. And it shows itself. I said this when we were playing back-to-backs in the preseason, Jordan Crawford was amped to play because it was what he would have been doing on a Saturday night anyway. That’s a real positive, and he’s playing well right now."

Most importantly, Crawford's swag isn't lost on his teammates, either.

"He’s a Detroit player, so he’s got some swag to him," joked Brandon Bass. "But lately he’s been able to control himself, play under control. And last night, he played unbelievable."

Added Bass: "Everybody has their own swag in their own way. I just think that he displays his a lot more than everybody else. But you know what? I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with it. You need swagger. It shows you’re very confident in yourself and I guess it would rub off on everybody else."

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