#Chargewatch: Wallace takes early lead

Frequent visitors to the site know we love to keep tabs on Boston's top charge-takers. With 11 games in the book, here's our first look at how the #Chargewatch leaderboards with data logged by Synergy Sports:


7: Gerald Wallace

5: Jared Sullinger

4: Kelly Olynyk

3: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass

2: Avery Bradley, Jordan Crawford, Vitor Faverani

Team total: 28


7: Faverani

6: Olynyk

5: Green

4: Crawford, Bass

3: Wallace, Sullinger

1: Bradley

Team total: 33

Analysis: Sullinger was the odds-on favorite to take over the #Chargewatch crown this year, but having missed two games and watching his playing time ramp up after back surgery in February, he's chasing Wallace early in the season. No surprise on the charges committed list, two rookies are out front as they adapt to the NBA game.