Mailbag: At No. 6, what would you do?

Now that we know where the Boston Celtics will be picking in next month's draft, the mailbag is overflowing with questions about the draft and how the roster will look next season.

Let's just start tearing open your letters:

Q: No one ever asks you, so here it is: Who would you pick at Nos. 6 and 17 in next month's draft if the power was in your hands? -- Miles, @Bird33Ward

A: Finally, Forsberg Mock 1.0 can see the light of day! I won't bore you with the non-Celtics portion (oh yes I will: Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Dante Exum, and Julius Randle in spots 1-5) and that puts the Celtics on the clock. The phones are ringing in the Celtics' executive offices. Let's give a listen. ...

Q: Would the C's trade No. 6 for two mid-first-round picks from the Suns or Bulls? Many quality prospects/trade asset between Nos. 14-20 (Jusuf Nurkic, Elfrid Payton, T.J. Warren?) -- @KaraokeJack

A: The Suns (and old friend Ryan McDonough, the Suns' general manager) sit at Nos. 14 and 18, which is mighty intriguing when you add Boston's 17th pick to that mix (there is something to be said for quantity if this draft is as deep as some believe). But if I'm Danny Ainge, I'm looking to walk away with a top-10 selection (more on that shortly) with any move. So the Bulls, at Nos. 16 and 19, are not doing it for me, either. There's plenty of discussion in the war room at the moment. ...

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