Randle: 'My foot is fine'

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Kentucky forward Julius Randle downplayed reports that his right foot might require surgery after this month's draft, stressing that his foot is fine and he's pain-free.

After going through an individual workout for the Boston Celtics on Friday, Randle said no team or doctor has told him that he would require surgery to replace a pin that was inserted after breaking the foot in high school.

"My foot is fine," said Randle. "Everybody has their opinion on what they should do. But I'm pain-free. No pain before, during, or after. I'm fine."

Added Randle: "[Surgery has] never been considered. I've met with my own doctor and talked to specialists, some of the best doctors in the world, and they said they wouldn't do anything with it. "

Randle didn't close the door on the possibility of surgery should the team that drafted him ask him to undergo a procedure, but he stressed that it was likely a short timeline for recovery (though he'd miss summer league) and stressed that there's no long-term concerns with the injury.

"It won't be an issue," said Randle.

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