Roster reset: Post-trade glance

A quick breakdown of where the Boston Celtics' 2014-15 roster/salary commitment stands after Wednesday's three-team swap:

Celtics depth chart: 2014-15

A look at Boston's position-by-position depth chart (as of July 9):

A handful of roster/salary thoughts:

Cap Glance

A look at the Boston Celtics' current salary commitment:

• Boston currently has 17 players under contract for a total of roughly $78.7 million. The league on Wednesday set next year's salary cap at $63.1 million and the tax line at $76.8 million. There's plenty of time for Boston to maneuver and get down below the tax line (especially with $7.9 million worth of nonguaranteed contracts on the books). The Celtics would seemingly prefer to maneuver without cutting the likes of Bogans, whose contract makes him a valuable trade chip (whether that's now or down the road).

• Boston's backcourt is overflowing at this point, and the roster odds just got even longer for Chris Babb. Plenty can change between now and camp, but it's hard to imagine him surviving. Likewise, Colton Iverson (last year's second-round pick) gets squeezed a bit with the addition of Zeller. If Boston is able to move Anthony this summer, it might help Iverson's chances of sneaking on.

• The Celtics might have a tough decision to make early in the season: Play Thornton and try to run up his trade value, or give those minutes to younger players like Smart and Young while trying to develop them. It's a careful balance if this season focuses on development for the future.

• Boston still has available exceptions to add talent, but using them could depend on how much salary the team can trim. It seems more likely that the C's will use smaller chunks of the midlevel exception if they have space to add, much like they did in signing the likes of Pressey, Faverani, Johnson and Babb last season.