Insider: C's near top in developing talent

While there are no Boston Celtics on ESPN Insider's list of top 25 players under the age of 25, the team does score high on talent development.

The Celtics ranked second in Insider's rankings based on a calculation called VOE, value (in wins) produced over expectation from young players. Boston is second behind only the Golden State Warriors.

From the Insider story: "Maybe the biggest feather in Stevens' cap is the play of Tyler Zeller, acquired before the season from Cleveland. Zeller has been a far more efficient player under Stevens by focusing his game closer to the hoop. Last season, according to Basketball-Reference.com, 15 percent of his shots were long 2s. This season, that's down to 2 percent. Meanwhile, Zeller's rebounding, assists and foul-drawing are up, and his turnovers are down. His true shooting percentage has skyrocketed to a Tyson Chandler-like 71 percent. Stevens' ability to get his guys to play to their strengths bodes well for the Boston rebuild."

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