Thinking ahead: Boston's pile of draft picks

A look at the draft picks that the Boston Celtics own in advance of the 2015 NBA Draft:

  • 2015 draft

1st round: Boston (16th), Clippers (28th)

2nd round: Philadelphia (33rd), Boston (45th)

  • 2016 draft

1st round: Boston, Brooklyn, Minnesota2, Dallas1

2nd round: Philadelphia, Minnesota2, Miami, Cleveland, Dallas3

  • 2017 draft

1st round: Boston4, Memphis5

2nd round: Boston4, Cleveland, Minnesota2, Clippers

  • 2018 draft

1st round: Boston, Brooklyn

2nd round: Boston

  • 2019 draft (and beyond)6

1st round: Boston

2nd round: Boston

1. [Dallas’ pick is protected 1-7 from 2016-2020; unprotected 2021]

2. [Minnesota’s pick (via the Suns) is protected 1-12 in 2016; becomes 2016 and 2017 second-round picks]

3. [Better of Dallas/Memphis second-round pick]

4. [Boston has option to swap first-round pick with Brooklyn; second-round pick to Nets if swapped and 45+]

5. [Memphis pick is delivered two years after Grizzlies fulfill obligation to Denver. Pick is protected 1-11 in 2017; 1-13 in 2018; 1-9 in 2019; 1-7 in 2020, unprotected in 2021]

6. [If all outstanding picks are previously delivered]