Celtics keep wheeling and dealing

Another day, another trade for the Boston Celtics. And Danny Ainge shows no signs of letting off the roster overhaul accelerator.

The Celtics executed their fourth trade in 27 days on Tuesday, sending Jameer Nelson to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for old friend Nate Robinson.

Robinson is unlikely to wear a Celtics uniform again. He'll join Tayshaun Prince and Austin Rivers in limboland waiting for Boston to decide his future while the dust settles from these most recent moves.

The Celtics immediately save $625,000 this season with the Robinson-for-Nelson swap, and that number could increase pending a potential buyout figure. What's more, the Celtics don't have to worry about the pesky player option that Nelson had lingering for next season.

The Celtics are wheeling and dealing at an absurd rate in advance of the Feb. 19 trade deadline while trying to both add to their collection of future draft picks and clear future salary in order to have maximum flexibility moving forward.

Boston is now about $11.5 million below the tax line, giving the team the ability to take on salary before the trade deadline and possibly bring back more draft picks in the process.

Ainge said Monday that the team is examining options for Prince and Rivers, neither of whom had reported to Boston by Tuesday's practice. Prince is another buyout candidate, while Rivers seems likely to be dealt again, potentially to his father's Los Angeles Clippers, if the two sides can facilitate another deal (which might require a third team's inclusion).

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