Archive: Delonte on Popeye's and romance

Nine years after it first published, Delonte West's Valentine's Day diary from 2006 remains a must-read on this day of love ...

"I hate [Valentine's Day] because -- you got to make sure you print this -- it's the biggest misconception. There's been couples that have fell out on Valentine's Day because the guy has forgot or didn't do anything special. But before Valentine's Day, for two weeks in advance, at every store, you see cards and balloons with Happy Valentine's Day, candy on sale: Two for $49.99 and the mini one for $19.99, and each female that is in that store shopping, three, four times a week, sees everything she probably going to get, so is it really that special? I think it's more special if it's just the guy happens to give her flowers on a Monday and say Happy Monday and not wait for the world to say, 'On this day, give your wife flowers.' See, if she doesn't know she's getting flowers and she gets them, she'll say, 'Oh, this is the most beautiful thing you've ever done for me.' I think Valentine's Day is just a day for candy makers and card makers to make some more money. I think you should be romantic on your own time."

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