Who would win Celts dunk contest?

James Young is one of the few high-flyers on Boston's roster Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

The Boston Celtics don't have any entrants in the skills events at NBA All-Star Saturday night, so the question was put to Evan Turner before the break: Who would win an intrasquad slam dunk contest?

The query temporarily stumped Turner, who began looking around at the nameplates in the locker room trying to figure out if he was missing an obvious answer.

"We don't really have any high-flyers," said Turner. "Probably Phil Pressey."

Pressey!? The shortest guy on the roster? The guy who is listed at a (generous) 5 feet, 11 inches?

"Phil can really get up for his size, man," offered Turner. Then he began searching the room a second time.

"Kelly [Olynyk] gets bouncy, to tell you the truth," said Turner, his eyes accelerating past the lockers of guards Marcus Thornton and Avery Bradley. "Every now and then when Gerald [Wallace] is feeling great he can get up."

Wallace is a two-time dunk contest participant and went to the finals in 2002 before bowing to Jason Richardson (he didn't make it out of the first round in 2010). But advanced age and recent knee surgery would probably keep Wallace grounded at this stage of his career.

Turner continued searching and landed on Jared Sullinger's stall.

"Sully is the dark horse, man," said Turner. "That’s all I really see. ... The rest of us can’t really dunk, to tell you the truth."

At that moment, rookie James Young was returning to his locker near Turner and scoffed when he overheard the suggestion. Turner didn't even give the rookie a chance to protest.

"This dude does the same two dunks; it gets old," Turner said of Young. "Phil’s got it."

The Celtics have been credited with 158 total dunks this season. A look at the dunk leaderboard, including departed players via Basketball Reference:

41: Brandon Bass

27: Jeff Green

25: Tyler Zeller

15: Turner

14: Olynyk

12: Sullinger

6: Bradley, Brandan Wright

5: Jae Crowder

3: Marcus Smart

1: Rajon Rondo, Tayshaun Prince, Dwight Powell, Young

Bigs like Bass and Zeller generate most of the team's dunks, but they don't do it with the sort of flash necessary to win a dunk contest. Turner disqualified himself, joking he might win a layup contest or a mid-range jump shooting competition.

But a dunk contest? Pressey might indeed be the leader in the clubhouse based on the few glimpses reporters have seen before and after practices. Young might be his chief competition, while Olynyk has had some surprisingly springy moments this season.

Keep in mind that the dunk contest is in Pressey's blood. His father, Paul, competed in the 1986 dunk contest (and was knocked out in the first round after a three-dunk total of 116). The winner that year? A 5-foot-7 Spud Webb.

The Celtics have two dunk champions in their history in Dee Brown (1991) and Gerald Green (2007). Greg Minor (1996) and Ricky Davis (2004) were other dunk contest entrants while in a Boston uniform.

What Boston lacks in dunk potential, it does make up for in 3-point shooting. Nearly the entire Celtics roster could lobby for entry into an intrasquad triefecta contest. Based on percentages shot so far this season, Marcus Thornton (41.9 percent) seems to hold the edge over Olynyk (35.3), Bradley (35.2), and Smart (35).