Bradley loves idea of playing with Pierce again

Avery Bradley wouldn't mind seeing Paul Pierce back in green. Jim Davis/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

Count Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley among those that wouldn't be opposed to seeing Paul Pierce finish his career in green.

Bradley said Monday during an interview on Boston sports radio 98.5 the Sports Hub that he'd very much embrace the chance to play alongside Pierce again if the opportunity presented itself.

"I would love that," Bradley said. "To me, Paul is always going to be a Boston Celtic. The things that he's been able to accomplish in his time here, it was just amazing. And I’m pretty sure all the Boston fans would love that, too."

After the Washington Wizards were eliminated from the postseason on Friday night, Pierce said he's uncertain about his basketball future. The 37-year-old holds a $5.5 million player option to return to the Wizards, but some Celtics fans have daydreamed about Pierce finishing his career where it started.

The Celtics ushered in a rebuilding process when they traded Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets during the summer of 2013. Even as Boston builds with a younger roster, Bradley thinks Pierce could fit right back in with these Celtics.

"Paul is Boston Celtics culture," Bradley said. "One thing that Brad Stevens has been able to do, that same culture that we had when Doc [Rivers] was here, it’s the same -- go out there and play as hard as you can and leave it all out on the floor for your teammates. I feel like, it’s the same thing. So if [Pierce] came back, it would be the same, it wouldn’t be any different. And that’s the kind of player Paul is, anyways. He plays hard every game."

Bradley joked that he typically tunes out the playoffs after Boston's season ends, but that his mother-in-law is such a basketball junkie that he's been forced to watch some postseason hoops.

Does Bradley think Pierce could actually walk away from the game now?

"I don’t know," said Bradley, who played three seasons with Pierce in Boston. "We would always joke with Paul when he was here, tell him that he has another 10 years. He takes good care of his body, it's amazing. And he's still playing great basketball, so you never know."

At a community event promoting healthy living with local children on Monday afternoon, Bradley reaffirmed his suggestion that he'd like to play with Pierce again.

"I'm pretty sure everyone would [want Pierce back in Boston]; Paul’s an amazing guy and even more amazing player," said Bradley. "I would love for him to be a part of the Celtics again. But I don't really know what's going to happen. I'm pretty sure every team in the NBA would love to have Paul Pierce on their team. I just wish the best for him."