CARMELO's thoughts on each Celtics player

Marcus Smart has an impressive comp in the CARMELO system. Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

Our friends at FiveThirtyEight debuted NBA player projection tool CARMELO on Friday and it quickly won over Boston Celtics fans by projecting a 48-win season.

We offered some highlights in our FiveThirtyEight Celtics preview, but here's a snapshot of how CARMELO projects each of Boston's 16 current players (sorted by wins above replacement projection):

Marcus Smart

Projected WAR: 6.0

Category: Future All-Star

Notable comp: James Harden

Analysis: JAMES HARDEN (!!!) Smart's WAR is projected to climb into the 7s before his rookie deal expires.

Amir Johnson

Projected WAR: 4.5

Category: Key role player

Notable comp: Dennis Rodman

Analysis: Johnson, typically an advanced stats darling, is projected to see his WAR rebound a bit but the long-term outlook is less than encouraging. That said, a 1990 Rodman comparison ain’t too shabby when you consider Rodman was an All-Star that year, won Defensive Player of the Year, and won a championship with the Pistons.

Jared Sullinger

Projected WAR: 4.1

Category: Up-and-comer

Notable comp: Nikola Vucevic

Analysis: No. 2 comp is to a player that put up 19.3 points and 10.9 rebounds per game last season. "Yes please!” screams every Celtics fans before fainting.

Isaiah Thomas

Projected WAR: 4.0

Category: Good starter

Notable comp: Lou Williams

Analysis: CARMELO doesn't think Thomas will ever get back to that 6.3 WAR from 2014 and Thomas has every right to scoff at that (and surely believes he belongs in the future All-Star category). CARMELO doesn't soften the blow by comparing Thomas to the guy who edged him for Sixth Man of the Year last season.

Kelly Olynyk

Projected WAR: 3.8

Category: Up-and-comer

Notable comp: Rick Robey

Analysis: Twitter user @DJahnz was first to joke, "When can we trade KO for the next Dennis Johnson?"

Avery Bradley

Projected WAR: 1.9

Category: Average starter

Notable comp: Marcus Thornton (not the one currently in Australia)

Analysis: CARMELO predicts a small climb for Bradley and early preseason returns suggest the same.

Jae Crowder

Projected WAR: 1.9

Category: Rotation player

Notable comp: Jud Buechler

Analysis: Even computers struggle to quantify Crowder's value.

David Lee

Projected WAR: 1.9

Category: Rotation player

Notable comp: Dan Roundfield

Analysis: Dr. Rounds was a three-time All-Star and rebound magnet, though CARMELO compared him to 1986 Roundfield, who was on his last legs.

Tyler Zeller

Projected WAR: 1.7

Category: Rotation player

Notable comp: Robin Lopez

Analysis: Zeller's top comp is to a player that got $54 million over four years this summer. And Boston's starting center for the first two preseason games is extension eligible through the end of the month.

Jonas Jerebko

Projected WAR: 1.4

Category: Rotation player

Notable comp: Matt Bonner

Analysis: Swedish Matt Bonner isn’t the worst comp in the world, but CARMELO predicts a sizable dropoff from last year's climb to a WAR of 2.5.

Evan Turner

Projected WAR: 0.3

Category: Scrub

Notable comp: Billy Owens

Analysis: Ouch, CARMELO, that “scrub” suggestion is harsh.

Terry Rozier

Projected WAR: -0.1

Category: OK prospect

Notable comp: Jordan Crawford

Analysis: Celtics fans hope he’s more Tony Allen than Joseph Forte -- two of the five former Boston players in his 10 CARMELO comps.

R.J. Hunter

Projected WAR: -0.2

Category: Marginal prospect

Notable comp: Kevin Martin

Analysis: Martin might be the only encouraging comp, but Hunter's stats don't translate well from college.

Jordan Mickey

Projected WAR: -0.2

Category: Marginal prospect

Notable comp: Brandon Bass

Analysis: So the Celtics knew what they were doing when they let that other LSU product walk this summer after drafting Mickey.

James Young

Projected WAR: -0.3

Category: Up-and-comer

Notable comp: Lou Williams

Analysis: CARMELO is still nicer to Young than most Celtics fans these days.

Perry Jones III

Projected WAR: -0.4

Category: Project

Notable comp: Harry Davis

Analysis: If CARMELO was GM, his decision on who gets cut from the final roster would be made.