Dooling-Allen bout 'ancient history'

WALTHAM, Mass. -- New Celtics teammates Keyon Dooling and Ray Allen are old adversaries, having instigated a chaotic bench-clearing brawl during a Jan. 2006 game between the Seattle Sonics, Allen’s team at the time, and Dooling’s Orlando Magic. (Check it out here.)

Dooling talked about the fight at Celtics media day on Tuesday.

“The Sonics? Is that even a team anymore?” Dooling joked. “Oh, that’s ancient history. At the end of the day, when Ray and I saw each other the next time after the fight, we had a conversation and we embraced each other. At the end of the day, it was the heat of battle. I have a lot more respect for him. I know he has a lot more respect for me. Sometimes you know a man better when you fight.”

The bout started when Allen elbowed Dooling underneath the basket. The new Celtic then tackled Allen, threw a few punches, and, once ejected, chased him through an arena hallway. Since then, Dooling said the two players have buried the hatchet.

“[Allen’s] been nothing but a phenomenal influence since I’ve been here,” Dooling said. “I’ve had a chance to spend some time with him over the summer, with some of the union business, so I’m just looking forward to being here and being a part of this organization.”

That’s all well and good, but one question remains: Who won the fight?

“Man, nobody wins a basketball fight,” Dooling said, laughing. “The NBA won. They got all the fine money. They always win.”