With Irish in town, Romanowski fires up BC

Former Boston College linebacker Bill Romanowski had some words of motivation for his Eagles as they prepare to take on heavily favored and fourth-ranked Notre Dame on Saturday at Alumni Stadium.

BC, of course, has a history of ruining great Notre Dame seasons, upsetting them in 1993, 1994 and in 2002 when the Irish were ranked in the top 10 each time.

His 2-7 Eagles face long odds against the 9-0 Irish on Saturday, entering the game as nearly 20-point underdogs.

"This game is about mind over matter," a fired-up Romanowski says in the video above. "We don't mind and Notre Dame doesn't matter. They're coming into our house. This game is about the fist going into the fight. Our team is like a fist, every finger clenched so tight when we deliver that punch we do damage. ...

"No one comes into our house and messes with us, you hear me?! Because our fist is going to do damage on every play! .... They are going down, the Fighting Irish are going down, do you hear me?!"