Steve Addazio calls Tyler Murphy clincher vs. USC

At ACC Kickoff last week, the ACC Digital Network had players and coaches announce great plays from their programs' past. Some guys were more natural behind the mike than others. And some went ahead and captured the moment in proper context, all on the fly.

Steve Addazio's passion has become a trademark in his three years at Boston College. So it should be no surprise that, when given the chance to broadcast one of the best moments of the entire college football season, the Eagles' head coach delivered.

Addazio calls quarterback Tyler Murphy's backbreaking 66-yard touchdown run to clinch the Week 3 win over No. 9 USC last year, a moment whose significance was all the more important thanks to BC's red bandanna-themed uniforms, in honor of Sept. 11 hero, victim and BC alum Welles Crowther.

As Addazio put it after the winning score:

"God, you feel the energy in this stadium. What an electric night for Boston College. What a great night for the Welles Crowther family. This is what college football is all about. It's about the underdog. The team that refuses to lose. The team that is gonna fight to the end. That's what you're seeing tonight here at BC. What a night. What a night for college football. What a night for the ACC. What a night for Boston College."

The coach wasn't too shabby breaking down the actual play either.