X's and O's: New London's Kris Dunn

Last week, New London point guard and Providence signee Kris Dunn set CCRI-Warwick's gymnasium on fire with 32 points, 26 rebounds, and four assists against defending RIIL state champ St. Raphael Academy, of Pawtucket. Friar fans were energized after his impressive performance.

After reviewing the film, it appears that the Providence faithful have even more to be excited about Dunn. Here are a few observations and clips of why Providence has a future star in Dunn:

Potential Triple Double

The assist is one of the most misleading statistics in basketball. In the game from last Saturday, Dunn’s box score showed that he had four assists. The only thing the box score did not account for were the potential assists that his teammates did not finish.

Here are nine clips of nine potential assists:

Dunn cannot expect his teammates to finish all of his passes, but some of these were serious errors. Whether they were missed open layups, travels, or dropped passes, these were 18 potential points that New London could have had, and a triple-double for Dunn.

The great thing about Dunn was that he never got frustrated about this. He’s a great leader in the respect that he does not tear apart his teammates after mistakes.

Hustle Points

It is not often that you see a point guard grab over 20 rebounds. Thanks to his length and jumping ability, Dunn was all over the floor grabbing rebounds and getting his hands dirty. In a way, Dunn almost looked like a football player going for interceptions out there. Although we never got to see Dunn on the football field for New London, it is likely that he had a few picks this year after seeing how good of a nose for the ball he had in this game.

The second and sixth clip from this video is by far the most impressive. Not only does Dunn show the desire to get the rebound, but he also showed great balance in making sure the ball stayed in New London’s possession.


Here is the part that everyone has been waiting for. How does Kris Dunn score the ball?

In this game, Dunn got half of his 32 points from the line (15-of-18). Dunn has a knack for cutting between two defenders and managing to get fouled while shooting. He knows how to use his length to his advantage. The way he cuts through defenders is like a running back cutting through a defense (there is no coincidence that this was my second football reference). He finds the smallest gaps and slithers through them.

As you can see from all five of these clips, Dunn is great at changing direction quickly, which makes preventing him from where he wants to go difficult.

Dunn did not have a great game shooting the ball. In fact, Dunn missed all three of the mid-range or outside shots that he took. Perhaps fatigue may have played a role, but at the next level he will need better strength and conditioning. That is not necessarily a knock on him. Dunn is aware that he needs to get stronger.

Here are his three misses:

Dunn does show good shooting form though. He shot 83 percent from the line on the night for a reason.

Here is a slow-motion video of Dunn’s free-throw shooting form:

Dunn’s shooting weakness is not necessarily about getting more shooting reps in the gym. It is about having the ability to run the point, play big minutes, and still be able to be a threat from outside as the game goes on and his legs get tired. As seen in the video above, he shows nearly perfect form. He is just a few years away from being a shooting threat.


Kris Dunn is one of the finest talents in New England. He is a point guard who shows a nice balance between being a scorer and a distributer. He is a lanky athlete who plays hard all game long. He is a threat to get a triple-double every single night.

Once Dunn’s frame begins to fill out, he will be a serious asset for the Providence basketball program going forward.