Troy Flutie: 'Surreal ' moment in committing to BC

Earlier this afternoon, inside the office of Boston College head coach Steve Addazio, Natick High quarterback Troy Flutie was offered a scholarship and accepted on the spot, making him the sixth in-state pledge and 15th overall for the Eagles' 2014 class.

There is lots of narrative to comb over with this one, as he will become the fourth Flutie to suit up for BC. He joins his uncle, 1984 Heisman Trophy winner and Canadian Football League Hall of Famer Doug; his cousin Billy, a wide receiver from 2006-10; and his father Darren, a wide receiver from 1984-87 and fellow CFL Hall of Famer.

Flutie excels at quarterback for the Redhawks, having started since his freshman season in 2010. He earned a spot on ESPN Boston's All-State Team last fall after a record-setting campaign, completing 68 percent of his passes for 3,153 yards and 35 touchdowns to just eight interceptions, and adding 167 carries for 1,075 yards and 14 more scores. But Flutie will be headed to The Heights as an athlete, most likely to compete for time at wide receiver, a position he hasn't played since his freshman season.

We caught up with Flutie for some additional comments on his commitment this afternoon:

His reaction to getting a scholarship offer from BC: "It was just surreal. It was crazy. My stomach started turning, I got butterflies. It was an exciting moment for me and my family. When he said the words, I didn't believe it at first. Now it's just kicking in, and it feels so awesome. I'm so happy."

On carrying on the Flutie legacy: "My whole life I've been waiting to play football at the Division 1 level, especially BC. It's really special I think to go there, where my whole family went, and play. But at the same time, I'm no different from anyone else. I'm just gonna be player trying to earn playing time, trying to earn a spot, there's no special privilege at all."

What stood out to the coaches about him: "The one-day [camp] I went to last weekend was really when I think they said 'Wow, this guy can play, he can play anywhere really'. I tried my hardest training as hard as I could. I ran a 40 time of 4.57, 4.6. Looking at all that, I think they said 'We want this to be the right place for him and us, someone who can play anywhere really'. I respected that and thanked them for that. I knew BC was the place for me."

On head coach Steve Addazio: "I like everything about him so far from what I've seen. He's got so much energy when he talks to the players, he really inspires everyone to play as hard as they can and just become better. He's a really great guy and a really good coach. I'm very excited to be playing for him."

On his earliest memories of going to BC games: "Probably my first game I went to was when I was very small, I can't even remember that well. All I remember is constantly going to games, watching, imagining myself being there and playing when get older. To think, here I am with a chance to do that, it's crazy."

On reuniting with his former teammate, offensive lineman Liam Porter, upon arrival: "I'm very excited. Me and Liam are good friends, it was great to play with him back in the day. I'm very excited."

On going to BC as a wide receiver: "It's no different for me, it's a scholarship offer and I think I'm very good at receiver at the same time as QB. I'm just gonna embrace it and work on it after my senior year, see where it goes."

Would he like to play QB? "Absolutely -- who wouldn’t? But wherever they want to put me is good for me. Wherever they want me, I'm happy to play."

On re-adjusting to the receiver position: "I'll probably just work with my dad, I've gotta work and harness those skills back -- the feel of catching the ball, running routes. My dad is gonna help me out a lot. He's a great coach and knows a lot about receivers and has helped me so much."

On the relief of committing early: "It feels awesome. I was so stressed about everything, going to camps and performing well. I finally can relax a little bit and enjoy the summer, work hard, work towards team to help them get better."