Hernandez handed one-game suspension

So by now you've probably heard about the imbroglio surrounding Southington (Conn.) High football head coach D.J. Hernandez.

Well, the story took another turn yesterday when Hernandez was suspended by Southington principal Martin Semmel, (for more information, check out the Associated Press report from yesterday) after admitting to Semel that he had, in fact, taken the wristband of a Manchester player and used it during a Manchester scoring drive during Southington's 28-14 win on Oct. 22.

"The administration's investigation determined that Coach Hernandez's actions did not adhere to the district's high expectations for all Southington Public School coaches," Semmel said in a release sent to the AP.

Manchester filed a protest letter to the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference on Monday. If the schools cannot come to a resolution on the game's result, the CIAC could have the final say on Nov. 18, when its football committee gathers.

So did Hernandez cheat, or did he not? You decide.

And, while you're at it, check out Jeff Jacobs of The Hartford Courant with Bob Ley on Outside the Lines.