X's and O's: Experience pays off for Holliston

It's back to back Division 4 Super Bowl championships for Holliston after their 27-6 win over Chicopee Comp. Holliston's experience was the difference in the game in my opinion. Holliston coach Todd Kiley and his staff have been here before and that experience paid off for them. They knew how to manage the clock and situations. Holliston was able to mix and match their spread stuff with their Double Wing package and that kept Chicopee off balance.

Staple Play: Its not a play that Holliston ran in this game that was the difference, it was their "Trio" trips formation that was the difference. Once Coach Kiley figured out that they can spread Chicopee's defense out and run the football, he stuck with this formation. Holliston ran three plays out of this set. Trap, Counter Trey and Jet Lead. That's it. It was enough to allow the Panthers to control the clock.

War! What is it good for? Running the football, that's what. Holliston's Double Wing is a good change of pace. It's tough to go from defending the spread to this War formation. Holliston does a great job of mixing and matching the two.

Again, they don't run many plays out of it. Jet, Power Toss and Fullback Wedge -- that's it. Like everything else the Panthers do, it's effective.