Watson on top of playtime chart

A look at the snaps played by Patriots offensive skill position players in the team’s 17-10 win over the Bills:

TE Benjamin Watson – 52 of 59

WR Randy Moss – 49 of 59

WR Wes Welker – 42 of 59

TE Chris Baker – 41 of 59

RB Laurence Maroney – 29 of 59

RB Kevin Faulk – 24 of 59

RB/FB Sammy Morris – 22 of 59

WR Sam Aiken – 12 of 59

WR Julian Edelman – 12 of 59

WR Matthew Slater – 6 of 59

TE Mark LeVoir – 5 of 59

FB BenJarvus Green Ellis – 1 of 59

(Snaps include illegal use of hands penalty, defensive pass interference, offensive pass interference, defensive holding and defensive pass interference penalties. Kneeldowns not included.)

ANALYSIS: Watson only came off the field when the Patriots went to a four-receiver set. There were a few snaps where Baker stayed on as the lone tight end in three-receiver sets … The decrease in Aiken’s and Edelman’s snap counts was an indication that the Patriots didn’t run many three-receiver sets, instead favoring bigger personnel and leaning heavier of tight ends … Morris took 13 of his snaps at fullback, the other nine at running back … Slater was integrated into more than just one-receiver packages, taking a few snaps out of the two-receiver set.