Rodney Harrison talks Pats-Ravens

Rodney Harrison On Mike And Mike (2:55)

Rodney Harrison joins Mike and Mike this morning to talk about what kind of impact losing Wes Welker has on the New England Patriots, and a preview of this weekend's game with the Ravens. (2:55)

Former Patriots defensive back and current NBC analyst Rodney Harrison was on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio on Thursday morning talking about what the loss of Wes Welker means for New England and handicapping Sunday’s Patriots-Ravens playoff game.

Here is one snippet from Harrison:

“Bill Belichick will never let you see that he has a weakness or that he’s vulnerable at any moment of time. In this particular situation this is going to give these guys motivation because no one is giving them a chance. Wes Welker was a huge part of that team. He was a guy, close to 60 percent of his catches had gone for first downs. You look at the impact that he made in the red area, so he’s going to be sorely missed. At the same time, Brady hasn’t lost a playoff game at home and has been very, very productive in the playoffs. Look for Tom to have added motivation with the loss of Wes Welker.”