Tedy Bruschi on what went wrong

Patriots' Offseason Concerns (3:28)

Tedy Bruschi and "NFL Live" crew address Patriots' offseason concerns (3:28)

ESPN analyst and former Patriots standout and locker room leader Tedy Bruschi broke down the Patriots’ problems, which all manifested themselves in the team’s season-ending loss to the Ravens on Sunday, and looked ahead to the team’s offseason needs. Here’s his abbreviated point-by-point breakdown. For the full analysis, watch the video above.

Receiver depth was an issue

“The search for a third receiver is what the Patriots tried to do all season long and with the loss of Wes Welker that problem was magnified,” Bruschi said.

Seymour deal really hurt them

“You saw along that defensive line how the depth was affected by the loss of Richard Seymour,” Bruschi said. “I said early on in the year they would feel this trade [of Seymour to the Raiders] come December, come January, when teams would try to pound the ball down their throat and that’s what happened.”

Don’t rush Welker

“You’ve got to hope for a good rehabilitation process for Wes Welker because nowadays ACL injuries you can come back quickly from them,” Bruschi said, “but they’ll take it slow with him because of the value he has.”

Defense still learning

“Defensively you need to add players, along the defensive line, possibly a pass rusher to complement Tully Banta-Cain. He was your leading sacker with 10 but you need someone in a complementary role. And with that defense, I think they are going to learn. They’re a young defense, first and second-year players, they’re getting used to the loss of some key veterans. They learned this year the difference between regular season tempo and playoff tempo.”