Wrinkle to consider with Bodden

Free-agent cornerback Leigh Bodden has said that if all things are equal, he'd like to return to the New England Patriots in 2010. So if it turns out that the Texans and Patriots are vying for his services, and they have offered him the same contract, it would seemingly be good news for New England.

But there is one wrinkle in play that could tilt things in the Texans' direction: There is no state income tax in Texas.

Because of that, Bodden would pocket more money from his contract in Houston than he would in New England.

Although it doesn't figure to be the No. 1 deal-sealer or deal-breaker, it is something to consider as the process plays out. It puts the Patriots, from a pure dollars standpoint, at a bit of a competitive disadvantage.

Bodden traveled to Houston today for a free-agent visit and he's been updating his status on Twitter. The Twitter account is real, with one of Bodden's friends posting updates for him with his approval, so it could be a good guide to keep up to date on how his visit with the Texans is unfolding.

Bodden spoke with FOX 26 upon his arrival in Houston, and sports director Mark Berman has the story on the station's web site.

"It's kind of nerve-wracking," Bodden said of the free-agent process. "It is what it is. It's part of the business.

"Hopefully I can get things done with the Texans and just move on."