Different opinions on Pats' moves

How have the Patriots fared through the first three days of the 2010 league year?

Two respected national writers, Peter King of SI.com and Judy Battista of the New York Times, share their analysis in stories today.

King, in his popular "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece, lists the Patriots in the "three worst decisions teams made" category. What didn't he like about the team's decision-making process?

"New England not moving aggressively to get a receiver," he writes. "There's still time, of course. And I'd be shocked if New England didn't come out of this market with a veteran receiver, with Randy Moss a health risk, Wes Welker unlikely to start the season after major knee surgery, and no player in reserve to take the pressure off Moss."

Meanwhile, Battista lists the Patriots in the "Best Under-The-Radar-Moves" category.

"They need pass rushing help badly and were in the hunt for Julius Peppers," she writes. "But the biggest move of their off-season was locking up their own nose tackle, Vince Wilfork, not only for his contributions on the field, but also for the message it sends to other players — we’re looking at you, Randy Moss — who say the Patriots do not pay."