Jonathan Kraft: We're not done yet

Not satisfied with the Patriots' moves this offseason? Jonathan Kraft has a message for you.

"I don't think the offseason is over," the Patriots president said Thursday morning on WEEI Sports Radio 850's "Dennis and Callahan" show. "We had a number of people on our team who were priorities, and we’ve taken care of them, which I think leads us to believe we’re in a better place.

"I think we are on our way to having a materially better team than we did at the end of last season."

Kraft put significant weight on the upcoming NFL draft as being a key part to the team's offseason plan. "We always felt that this draft would be a huge draft," he said, recognizing that more players than usual have entered the draft because of the league's unsettled labor situation. Kraft added, "I think between June and the start of the season, you will probably see significantly more players getting released with veteran-type experience than you have in the past."