Hoyer on Tebow: 'Bring him, let's go'

FOXBOROUGH – When University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was in town for his pre-draft visit with the Patriots earlier this week, he briefly crossed paths with backup Brian Hoyer.

During a break from offseason workouts this morning, Hoyer spoke with reporters and was asked several questions about Tebow.

His thoughts on if the Patriots draft Tebow?

“Bring him. Let’s go,” said Hoyer, whose competitiveness was noticeable during his rookie campaign with the Patriots. “He’s a great player. He’s probably the most well known football player, at least in my time, if not ever. I think he’s a great athlete. I think he’s a great competitor.

“I actually got a chance to meet him here the other day. He was a great guy. Everything you see is what I think you get with him. It would be great to compete against him.”

Hoyer was asked what he thinks when he sees another quarterback coming through Gillette Stadium like Tebow did earlier this week.

“There is always going to be competition,” he responded. “For me, coming in last year, there was a bunch of guys here. I’ll never forget when I was getting recruited at Michigan State, I was like ‘You have a bunch of quarterbacks here.’ One of the coaches was like ‘There are always going to be quarterbacks wherever you go. You’re going to have to compete.’ It kind of struck me then. No matter what you do, you’re going to have to compete against someone. If anything, it pushes me to work harder right now in the weight room, in the [practice] bubble running, and throwing and doing the little extra things.”

Hoyer doesn’t see any reason that Tebow won’t be successful in the NFL.

“Why not? He’s been successful in college and this is the next step,” he said.” He deserves his chance.”

In a sense, Hoyer feels bad for Tebow because of the passionate discussion he elicits from both supporters and critics.

“He’s probably over-scrutinized. You almost feel bad for [him],” he said. “You just want him to come out here and get his shot and let him do what he does. But everyone wants to have an opinion, whether it’s his throwing motion or what position he’s going to play. That’s really not fair to him. For as successful a quarterback as he was in college football, I feel like he deserves his chance and not to be so scrutinized.”