Rang's mock: Patriots & Tebow

Rob Rang of NFLDraftscout.com has put together a two-round mock draft, and he's spent some time with us to share insight on his four selections for the Patriots.

The Patriots have picks 22, 44, 47 and 53. After having the Patriots select Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick in the first round and Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate with the No. 44 selection, Rang details why he believes Florida quarterback Tim Tebow would be the choice at 47:

“They obviously have Tom Brady, and Brian Hoyer has shown flashes, but I think quarterback is potentially a need when you consider that carrying three quarterbacks is the norm. You’re always looking for a young, developmental quarterback. I think back to when Tom Brady came out, and he wasn’t known for having a monster arm or accuracy. It was very good talent and incredible intangibles, and why he slipped as far as he did, I don’t know how. I’d say that certain coaches have more of a willingness to go with intangibles than others, and I do believe Bill Belichick would consider Tebow if he felt it was the right point in the draft. Some coaches absolutely would not, but I believe the Patriots would be one of the clubs that would consider him.

“Part of it is the versatility that Tebow could bring to any club, perhaps not only to play quarterback but also some H-back roles, potentially groomed at the tight end position, which is an area of concern in New England. I think that type of versatility would intrigue them. Also, Bill Belichick will get the inside scoop from Urban Meyer and that factor can be considerable as well.

“So you put all that together, with the Patriots having three second-round picks, and I think if Tebow is available, it’s a natural fit. One of the few natural fits for Tebow.

“I think one of the biggest things that will help him is having an established quarterback already on the roster. That would eliminate any of the talk, if the starter is struggling, of making a switch. That’s important because Tebow is not ready for the NFL right now. He needs time. Tom Brady would afford him that. You also need a coach and front office secure enough to make this choice and face what results from it from fans and media. And the final thing is that it’s far enough away from Florida where it gives Tebow a chance to develop away from those close to home who are so enamored with his collegiate success. Very few clubs have that support group set up, not to mention an offense that values flexibility.

“Everyone I talk to says he’s absolutely flying up the board. If he is there at that point, I think it would be a very good value pick for the Patriots.”