Scouting the Pats ... on the court

WESTWOOD – Time to get to some "heavy hitting" stuff tonight after returning from a fund-raiser basketball game between the Patriots All-Stars and the Westwood Boosters Club.

The Patriots, featuring a roster of defensive backs Brandon Meriweather, Leigh Bodden, Darius Butler, Jonathan Wilhite and Kyle Arrington, won the game convincingly.

Here was the lighthearted scouting report:

Bodden: Basket-hanger who sometimes didn’t make it past half court when it was time to play defense. Terrific baseline jumper, but concentration could be an issue, as he was text messaging while on the bench.

Butler: Some dazzling dunks combined with deadly 3-point range. Impressive multi-tasking by showing the ability to Tweet during breaks in the action.

Meriweather: Captain of the team. Content to distribute.

Wilhite: Streaky left-handed shooter and feisty defender.

Arrington: Solid presence on the wing with explosive jumper.

“Butler is our LeBron, he wants to take it to the hole and dunk on you,” said the playful Bodden, before explaining what he enjoys about nights like this: “It’s great getting out and interacting with the fans. I used to play ball, so it’s always fun coming out and getting in a little extra cardio.”