Billick likes TEs in Pats' draft

Former NFL head coach Brian Billick shares his thoughts on the draft picks of AFC East teams on Foxsports.com, and he focuses his Patriots analysis on first-round draft choice Devin McCourty, second-round draft choice Rob Gronkowski and fourth-round draft choice Aaron Hernandez.

After pointing out that the Patriots made 12 overall picks, the second highest total of any team behind the Eagles, Billick said that McCourty is a "good, physical corner."

But it was the Gronkowski and Hernandez selections that seemed to catch Billick's eye the most.

"You get an idea of what they want to augment offensively; obviously they have Randy Moss, Wes Welker who is coming off an injury, and Julian Edelman [at receiver]," he said. "Rob Gronkowski is an incredibly talented tight end. I think had he not had the back injury, he would have been drafted early, so they actually got probably a first-round value with their second-round pick. Then, surprisingly in the fourth round, they picked up Aaron Hernandez, more of an H-back move [player]. So they got two very good receiving tight ends for Tom Brady to integrate into the offense."