Why is McCourty's locker at Fenway?

BOSTON – Parts of the last two days were spent pinch-hitting on the Red Sox beat at Fenway Park, and the nameplate on a locker in the Blue Jays clubhouse caught the eye.

“McCourty 32”

The first thought was, “How about that? The Blue Jays have a player or coach with the same last name and number as Patriots first-round draft choice Devin McCourty.”

Soon enough, the true story came to light.

The locker belonged to Blue Jays third-base coach Brian Butterfield. He’s a big-time Patriots fan. A quick Google search turned up several articles about the likeable Butterfield – like this one from the Toronto Star -- and his passion for all-things Patriots.

After having a great chat with Butterfield, who targeted second-round draft choice Brandon Spikes as a perfect fit for the Patriots’ system before the draft and third-round draft choice Taylor Price as a player to watch after a strong Senior Bowl, the real story behind the “McCourty 32” nameplate was learned.

When Butterfield comes to town each year, visiting clubhouse manager Tom McLaughlin of Brighton usually welcomes him with a nameplate that reads “Brady 12”, but he switched it up this year.

“I figured it’s post-draft, so let’s do something a little different,” said McLaughlin, who has worked at Fenway for 26 years.