Edelman shares insight on Moss

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One theme that came through loud and clear in Julian Edelman's Q&A with reporters is how he feels fortunate to be around veteran receivers.

It starts with Randy Moss.

"Randy is a great leader. A lot of people bust his … mess with him and the kind of guy he is, but I think it’s an unfair perspective of him," Edelman said.

"He’s always been helpful. He’s a team player. A lot of people don’t think that of him. He’s here to try to help us get better. Last year, he’d pull me aside and he’d teach me up on little things, trying to get me better."

In addition to Moss, Edelman relayed that he had just been working out with veteran David Patten.

"One of the hardest workers you’ll see. We were just catching balls right now together, competing. That’s what Patten brings. He brings a competitiveness with him and it allows us to make each other better because we’re competing at everything we do. That’s what D-Patt does."

Not to mention Torry Holt, who he called a future Hall of Famer.

“Any time you have these kind of veterans like these guys, you’re going to take everything they say and listen to it well. You’re going to take it from everyone, but these guys especially with the situations and ballgames they’ve been in, and the numbers they’ve produced. It’s nice to have these kind of guys around you."