Best places to watch the Patriots

In this week's Patriots mailbag, "Kartal from Denver" wrote the following:

"You have a lot of readers outside New England. That much is clear when you see the cities people write to you from. Is there any way you could create a list of places to watch the Patriots in different cities. For instance, I know here in Denver, The Elm on East Colfax has the Patriots on most TVs with the game audio. It's the best place I've found in the Mile High City to watch the game."

Some readers have already chimed in, and here are some of the responses. The plan will be to keep updating the list in the weeks leading up to training camp:

1. @Ccmckenzie writes: "Best place to watch in San Diego is Longboard’s Bar & Grill in Pacific Beach. Miller’s Field is second."

2. @joshk33 writes: "Chicago’s Patriots bar is The Store at Halsted and Armitage."

3. JonathanSanterre writes: "Here's my two cents about the best place to watch the Pats where I live in Orlando, FL. For anyone visiting the Walt Disney World area I would say the best place close by to enjoy a game would be the Celebration Town Tavern. It's a Boston/New England sports bar/restaurant in general if you want to enjoy a Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins game."

4. charles.schrumpf writes: "There is a Patriots bar in Baltimore. It's called Don't Know Tavern. It is always filled with fans on game day and has pretty good food as well. Normally there are drink specials for wearing Pats gear."

5. thesttuff004 writes: "Boomerangs in Port Orange, FL is the best place around to watch the Pats. It's near Daytona Beach."