Patriots eligible for practice squad

The final week of the preseason will be a busy one for the Patriots’ coaching and personnel staffs. By Tuesday afternoon, the team will be required to cut down to 75 players, and by Saturday afternoon, the regular season roster limit of 53 players will be in place. The Patriots roster currently stands at the offseason limit of 80, not including restricted free agent Logan Mankins.

An important consideration when this week’s roster moves are made will be practice squad eligibility. At noon on Sunday, Sept. 5, teams will be allowed to establish an eight-man practice squad.

The following is a list of players currently on the Patriots roster who if cut and clear waivers will be eligible to be signed to the team’s practice squad. All rookies are eligible by default:


QB Zac Robinson (rookie)

RB Chris Taylor

RB Thomas Clayton

WR Brandon Tate

WR Darnell Jenkins

WR Taylor Price (rookie)

WR Rod Owens (rookie)

WR Buddy Farnham (rookie)

TE Rob Myers

TE Carson Butler

TE Rob Gronkowski (rookie)

TE Aaron Hernandez (rookie)

OL George Bussey

OL Rich Ohrnberger

OL Ryan Wendell

OL Ted Larsen (rookie)

OL Thomas Welch (rookie)

OL Brian Simmons (rookie)


DL Darryl Richard

DL Brandon Deaderick (rookie)

DL Kyle Love (rookie)

LB Tyrone McKenzie

LB Thomas Williams

LB Brandon Spikes (rookie)

LB Jermaine Cunningham (rookie)

LB Dane Fletcher (rookie)

DB DeAngelo Willingham

CB Terrence Wheatley

CB Devin McCourty (rookie)

S Sergio Brown (rookie)

S Ross Ventrone (rookie)


P Zoltan Mesko (rookie)