Wilfork chimes in on expanded season

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork isn’t against expanding the NFL season to 18 games or even longer. But he echoed other players in saying that if the season is expanded, as owners are suggesting, it should include a boost in pay.

“If you want to pay us like preseason, it won’t work. The pay has to be different, that’s point blank,” Wilfork said Monday during his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI with co-hosts Dale Arnold and Michael Holley.

“Me personally, a fan of football, I care less about 18-, 20-game seasons as long as the pay is right. Don’t pay me as four preseason games when it’s only two preseason games, and the other two are regular-season games. If you want it like that, well, you have to come out of your pockets for it. … It won’t work if you put an 18-game season together and expect guys to play two games for preseason salary. It would be a big problem.”