Why the Patriots wore white at home

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Bill Belichick's decisions when it came to Xs and Os were generally on the mark in the Patriots' season-opening win over the Bengals. The team's defensive plan confused Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer and the offense had success moving the ball.

Yet one decision, not related to Xs and Os, didn't exactly unfold as planned.

Belichick made the call for the team to wear white uniforms for the game. Usually the Patriots wear blue at home.

The decision was made back in the spring, which was the time that clubs had to submit their jersey preference to the NFL. The thinking was that in the event of unseasonably warm weather, the Patriots would be better off in white, while the Bengals might heat up in their black jerseys.

Because the decision had to be made in the spring, it was impossible to know what the forecast would be on Sept. 12. It turned out to be in the mid-60s, so the heat wasn't a factor.

Still, this is an example of how Belichick and the Patriots, as well as other teams in the NFL, focus on every little detail.