Chatter from Patriots locker room

A sampling of comments from the Patriots locker room today:

Running back Fred Taylor (on Randy Moss's comments): "Randy stated the way he felt. It was heartfelt. You can’t question a man’s integrity when it’s from his heart. ... He’s been around for a while. He voiced his opinion, but moreso, it was all from his heart. It didn’t seem like it was ‘all right, this is the time I have to do this’ or anything like that. It was how he was feeling at the moment. That’s what it was.”

Safety Patrick Chung (on his 16-tackle performance): "It's hard work, but it's just the first game. We have a lot more games to play. Just have to keep working, keep pushing, keep getting better every day, and keep doing my job to help the team. ... [You want] to play fast, smart, hard and physical."

Running back Sammy Morris (on Randy Moss's comments): "I haven't heard what he said yet. I'm not really dying to go figure it out either. ... We've got a pretty veteran team and we understand that's part of it."

Left tackle Matt Light (on being in the last year of his contract): "I think each guy is different. Some guys, one thing is important to them. Others, it's completely different. For me, I'm pretty happy. I have no complaints."