Meriweather explains his reduced time

Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather, who played more than any New England defender in 2009, did not start Sunday against the Jets. It marked the second straight week that his playing time in the base 3-4 alignment has been limited.

In his weekly interview on sports radio WEEI today as part of the "Dale & Holley Show", Meriweather was asked why he didn't start.

"I haven't been myself in practice," Meriweather responded. "Coaches wanted to show me that just because I wasn't [myself] that I still have to come and play. Basically it is all my fault that I'm not on the field as much.

"I just need to be more consistent. I need to be a lot more consistent," Meriweather added after co-host Michael Holley asked him how he hasn't been himself in practice.

"I was trying a lot of things in camp, just to see if they'd work. But they weren't. Instead of me stopping trying them and doing what I was coached, I kept trying them."

Six-year veteran James Sanders and second-year player Patrick Chung have been the primary safeties in the 3-4 alignment.