Belichick's subtle message on hit

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- When Patriots receiver Wes Welker absorbed a blow to the head from Jets safety Eric Smith in the first quarter on Sunday -- with Smith penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness -- coach Bill Belichick had a long discussion with a member of the officiating crew.

On Monday, he explained what he was discussing.

"We were just talking about the play and the call, how they saw it," he said.

Asked if that was different from how he saw it, Belichick said, "I think we both kind of saw the same thing. They threw a flag on it. I don't think that is really what the league is looking for with those type of plays. I can't imagine that they are. We'll see what they want to do with it."

In other words, Belichick will be keeping a close eye on if Smith will be receiving a fine this week.

Belichick's reaction might have also been tied to Week 1, when Patriots running back Kevin Faulk appeared to absorb a similar blow to the head on a blow that wasn't penalized or fined.