Welker: 'I'm definitely not 100 percent'

Wes Welker sat down with ESPN’s Suzy Kolber in advance of tonight’s Patriots-Dolphins Monday Night Football game and talked about his road back from a major knee injury and where he thinks he is now physically in relation to where he was before the injury (watch the video above for the interview).

* On working out with Tom Brady in the offseason: “Just being around Tom, he makes you want to work hard. He pushed me hard.”

* On the philosophy of his rehab: “Very aggressive. To push. And even when it didn’t feel good, push it some more. To warm it up more and get it ready to get pushed.”

* On where he is, percentage-wise: “It’s hard to put a number on it, but I’m definitely not 100 percent. It’s just lacking that little bit, that little bit that really got that separation, that little bit of quickness, that little bit of something that’s just not there yet. But we’re getting there.”