Where Woodhead has impressed Pats

One reason for running back Danny Woodhead’s surprising contributions is his ability to pick up the playbook.

“He’s really learned quickly in terms of all the different things we’ve asked him to do,” coach Bill Belichick said Monday on a conference call. “Different pass routes, route adjustments, pass protections, formations, running plays, ball-handling, all that stuff.

“A running back, those guys are pretty much in the middle of every play. They’re doing something that’s important to the play. He’s done a good job of learning all those things and working extra to not only know his assignment but to execute it well.”

Belichick pointed out that Woodhead has also played on special teams and “when you throw all that on one guy in a short period of time, it's great that he's been able to pick up everything as quickly as he has and contribute as much as he has the last few weeks.”

Belichick said Woodhead has come as advertised skill-wise with his speed, quickness and hands. He added that the bye week has been a good one for Woodhead to review and get caught up on fundamental things that can get skipped over during the week to week game-planning process.