Looking closer at Brady's protection

Through five weeks, the Patriots rank seventh in the NFL in fewest sacks allowed per pass play (5 sacks in 127 pass plays). The team has dropped from second in this category after quarterback Tom Brady was sacked three times against the Dolphins.

The breakdown:

Bengals: 0 of 35

Jets: 1 of 37

Bills: 1 of 28

Dolphins: 3 in 27

Overall, in-game statisticians have recorded 11 quarterback hits on Brady through four games.

"For the most part, it’s been OK," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said when asked his thoughts on the team's pass protection.

"As usual, pass protection is a function of everything you do offensively. The more you can run the ball, the more balanced you are, the more you’re ahead and can dictate the downs you want to throw on, the harder it is for teams to rush the passer and scheme up pass rushes. I think the best thing for the passing game is the running game. The best thing for the running game is the passing game. The more balanced we can be and the more we can, not just let the defense think about defending one thing, but make them defend a lot of different things, probably the better off we’re going to be able to move the ball and attack the defense."