Simms shares insight on matchup

CBS analyst Phil Simms will be on the broadcast for Sunday's game between the Patriots and Ravens, and here are a few of his thoughts on the game (courtesy of CBS media relations):

On New England without Randy Moss

"I’m one of many that underestimated what Randy Moss can mean to a football team and what he can do on the football field. It’s going to be interesting to see how New England adapts without him. It’s only a one week look without Randy Moss, but we will find out what the Patriots offense is going to look like. We found out on Monday night what he can mean to a football team."

On Baltimore’s defense

"Baltimore is playing it safer with their pass defense and trying not to give up big plays. They are daring teams to try and run the football against their big defensive fronts, especially Haloti Ngata, and of course Ray Lewis in the middle. It will be interesting to see if New England can find ways without Randy Moss to get the football down the field and make big plays. In the NFL it almost always comes down to big plays. Who can make them on defense and get the turnovers? And what offenses can make the big runs or the big passes that lead to easy scores?"