McCourty: Moss got me ready

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots rookie cornerback Devin McCourty figures to line up across from Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss at times in Sunday's game. It's a matchup he is familiar with from training camp.

"Sometimes after a play, he’d give little tips to all the corners,” McCourty told reporters Thursday. “Just something that, as a wide receiver, he might not like or other receivers might not like, different things that can help you out when you’re out there playing corner.”

The Patriots’ first-round draft choice also crediting Moss with helping him grow as a player.

"Just working against him every day was probably the biggest challenge I've ever had as a corner, so it helped a great deal," McCourty told reporters. "I learned a lot from Randy. I'm not going to share it, but getting a chance to go against a future Hall of Famer every day in practice, I think that was the reason I was prepared to start the season being on the field."

McCourty, it turns out, has never left the field.

He's the only Patriots defender to play every snap this season, and is coming off a game in which he recorded his first career interception.

McCourty also reflected on watching Moss growing up and how whatever defenders tried against him, "nothing seemed to work." His plan for Sunday is to "go out there to try and compete."