Belichick still expecting Favre to play

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A chipper Patriots coach Bill Belichick arrived at the podium for his Friday news conference and asked reporters, “Got your candy ready?”

He then reflected on his Halloween memories, which included dressing up as John F. Kennedy.

“It was during the Cuban Missile Crisis,” he said, smiling. “I think I won the prize. People were impressed that the president was able to break away and attend a school Halloween party.”

On more serious football-related issues, Belichick said he doesn’t put any stock in media reports that Vikings coach Brad Childress is leaning toward starting Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback.

“The same media reports that said Terrell Owens wasn’t going to play in the Super Bowl [in the 2004 season]?” he said, adding that the team prepares for all players.

Belichick reflected on his time coaching Randy Moss, reiterating his thoughts that he is the smartest receiver he’s coached. He talked about some of the things he learned from coaching Moss, such as how much Moss loves football.

On the injury front, Belichick said veteran running back Fred Taylor, who has missed the last three games with a toe injury, is making progress.

“I think it took him a little while there to get going, but now that he is back doing things, he’s making good progress,” he said.